I just wanna feel the universe I come from ….

Wanna go home
To the place where I can feel the relations

I’m knocking on the door
To the love which is everywhere

I can feel it in every cell
Running through my veins
Filling out my human body

And spreads in the eter

I wanner go home
Into the center of everything

Felling my own god
Calling out his name

Replacing everything

Just wanna go home
To a love which never stops

Running like a river
On a rainy day
Filling up the emty weel

I feel the sunrays
In every crevice of my soul

I just wanna feel
The universe I come from

Come and take my hand
Letting go of everything

Be my friend,  my soul mate
In this life – and forever

Kristine Gade Hansen


Hemmelighedernes Hemmelighed