Thoughts in this morning …. ♥

What is a miracle ……….
I really think it depends on, where you choose to see the miracle from, and what kind of expectations you have
Often I see life as the most wonderful miracle
Imagine being allowed to experience all the things that the soil life give, with
all the lessons enriching in their own way
We have a great brain who would like to explain all that come to us
And it’s really a good tool in many ways
Unfortunately the brain like boxes, that’s the way it experiences and interprets in
But many experiences can not be in the boxes, they are far too restrictive
And so we must move beyond the box (develop of the brain)
The brain do really not like it
And often it makes resistance
But also here practice makes a master
Mirkaler can not be interpreted, they must be experienced and sensed and then they will unfold infinitely in the most wonderful way


Hemmelighedernes Hemmelighed