There is all this vanilla – Sweetness in my soul …

There is all this vanilla
Sweetness in my soul
– When I reach out…
In the seach
My eyes are going blind
And my heart beats
With a recognizable rhythm
I realize, that
In this quest I am alone
Nobody else acknowledge the path I’m following
And it’s all fine, the way it should be
The taste of vanilla
Fills my mouth with it’s sweetnes
And in my blindness
I look around
ʘ is everywhere …
Love is, were you search for it
Under the smalles stone
In the most beautiful blue skye
Under the chalk white snow
In a broken heart
All this love – when you need it …
In the middel of enlightenment
Somehow I’m sightless
And yet – I see
Following the taste of a better place
The smell of happiness
Finding the condition
Where love rules
In the smallest potato
In the biggest tree
In the heart of all living
And my blindness turns around
I See you in the ʘ…



Hemmelighedernes Hemmelighed