My conscious saw the beam of golden light ……….

The evening sun frames on the dusty surfaces of my windows
The light from the computer interfering with rays of the nature
I think about the human and it’s senses and functions.
What level we operate from
And observe right now an old recollection:
Feelings ……….. The teachers …..
Sences deeply in my heart
The string that connects us
Astral senses …………… human senses
Sometimes a useless feature in my body
My consciousness calls for something completely different than my soul
I’m so keen on my the work on this beautiful planet
As I have imposed myself
– Must be completed
No solves ends when I leave this incarnation
This specific solve end
Have I redeemed with a golden scissors
My conscious saw the beam of golden light
But my soul says: You have not finished this task
But my higher self knows better
Let go and be happy with what you accomplished
The Love of overriddes  it’s waived for the wisdom of the spirit



Hemmelighedernes Hemmelighed